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Forecast: Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 September 2014

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Wednesday 10 September 2014
Sun in Virgo; Moon in Aries; Foci in 7, Competition or Partnership and 6, Work or Adjustment   ****
/moon goes void-of-course at 5:59p PT | 8:59p ET | 0:59a(Th) UT   ***
^Effective Protective Choice^
It could be a good time to get things settled, organized, or set up for the coming period of two months beginning Sunday in which it might be harder to keep up with outer-world matters (but easy to slip into that inner world of your own). The sun’s sextile with Saturn plus Mercury’s sextile with Jupiter (both exact today) presage efficiency and decisiveness. 
A pioneering trend accompanies the moon in Aries square Pluto while trine Jupiter. You are preparing for a (perhaps only internal) journey or quest. You are firm, steadfast, and constant. You’ll work with what you have rather than moan about what’s missing. You are rugged, robust and sincere, and so get support even if you feel down part of the time. 
Song of the day: Saint Dude by (composer and lyricist) Beck 
The track by Bob Forrest on the new Beck album is not available yet on YouTube. This version is not bad, in fact interesting. (Of course I do not agree that “the truth is ugly,” otherwise I would not be Cosmic Piper.)
Some of those you function with seem stuck in problems of their own about which you are sympathetic whether you can do anything to help or not. The question “Why was I born?” assails those who feel lost. Some feel awkward with someone of the opposite sex, as if that someone’s back is turned toward them, or feel modest and reserved. The long square between Mars and Venus (August 11 through September 12) is almost over. They will be in a sextile (very helpful) from October 1 through November 7. Not everyone will have a thrilling love life then, but most will find their significant other much more compatible and harmonious. 
If some sacrifices are necessary, you may find yourself able to refrain from complaining because you sense the necessity and value of the sacrifice, which brings about a greater good. You may be wanting to protect someone from harm. What is right and what is wrong can become clear in consciousness and then choice is effective.
{Wednesday} ^Effective Protective Choice^
Cosmic Piper
Thursday 11 September 2014
Sun in Virgo; Moon in Aries—>Taurus; Foci in 8, Regeneration or Others’ Resources and 5, Offspring or Pleasure
/moon void-of-course ***
until it enters Taurus at 6:18p PT | 9:18p ET | 1:18a(F) UT   ****
^Labor and Invocation^
There’s a toughness in the air and in people, “never-say-die.” They will fight willingly for what they feel is right. Sadly, given the present condition of the human race in its slow evolution toward something better, this can go wrong, as it did thirteen years ago on this date. What seems right to someone can be drastically wrong. This would not be true if we had our wits about us, but the “deflecting and retarding weight” of evil (Sri Aurobindo’s words) can deceive far too many into mistaking evil for good. To say that melancholy fate is the result of choice may seem cruel, yet in spiritual teaching this is a cruel or helpful truth depending on the individual response to it. 
Hard labor is not a bad thing when understood by the laborer, taken in the right spirit as the only available path to excellence and happiness. Meanwhile there is a subconscious acceptance of seeming poverty or privation as “just the way it is for now,” a salutary attitude. What palliates that is an accompanying hope for something more interesting coming up in life’s incessant journeying. “Not yet” does not mean “not inspiring or enabling.” 
There can be frankness, generosity and quietude in the midst of difficulties gladly met. We plead for mercy for one another, perhaps more effectively than we plead for ourselves, though the latter is entirely acceptable. In tradition, group or congregational invocation is practiced in most religions in one way or another. The power of a pastor’s or rabbi’s prayer depends on that pastor’s or rabbi’s spiritual condition. The same applies to each of us.
Song of the day:  Salvation by Elton John
{Thursday} ^Labor and Invocation^
Cosmic Piper


Forecast: Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 September 2014

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Saturday 6 September 2014
Sun in Virgo; Moon in Aquarius; Foci in 6, Sickness or Effort and 9, Understanding or Locomotion
|Karmically difficult or sobering third| of this week continues all day   **
Moon on course
}Just What We Are{
People are hard-nosed, not feeling they can easily succumb to party or friendship modes, yet wanting to do that part of the time. Intuitions reach high, as if beacons illumining a true path, and then one might drop down into a non-social mood, into the poverty of an agnostic position which doubts everything except the materially tangible at the moment. Then there is extemporization, because things are what they are, so let’s make the most of them, set up camp wherever we happen to be. 
There is ornamentation and a sort of rough glamour, like that of a ball player who does something unique with his costume or hair style for the sake of a special lady or the fans. There is a desire for companionship even if muted, or catch-as-catch-can, “come as you are.” Business matters go well if realistic. “We are what we are” is the attitude, which could be relaxing.
Song of the Day:  Shadow by Bleachers
{Saturday}   {Just What We Are}
Cosmic Piper
Sunday 7 September 2014
Sun in Virgo; Moon in Aquarius—>Pisces; Foci in 6, Work or Effort or Illness and 9, Contemplation or Locomotion   **
/moon goes void-of-course at 10:20a PT | 1:20p ET | 5:20p UT   *
until it enters Pisces at 4:48p PT | 7:48p ET | 11:48p UT   **
|Karmically difficult or sobering third| of this week ends at 10:22p PT | 1:22a(M) ET | 4:22a(M) UT   ***
There is no good reason to let up on efforts or work, while the Part of Fortune is in the 6th house, even on a Sunday. The 6th rules both work and illness. It could be said that work prevents illness. Retired people who keep working at something are usually healthier than those who do not, for example. 
We have one more week of a Bright Hermetic Epoch, for getting major factors in shape more safely than after the Dark begins next Sunday. With the Dark comes the time when internal and even fantastic matters seem more important than outer consensual ones, to the detriment of the latter. (In other words, people go nutty.)
Today’s dangers have to do with woozy, fuzzy thinking and the problems it can create. With Luna joining Neptune which opposes Venus, many will be at sea over love affairs, or feel the nagging “Who loves me?” inquisition. We know, of course, as taught at mothers’ knees, that G*d loves us, but may need to struggle to summon up that faith. 
Documents, papers, or letters, perhaps connected with money, seem important. It would be harder to get firm conclusions regarding them during the v-of-c period (time above).
Research of some kind, or investigation and experiment, could be fruitful, even during the v-of-c, though needing confirmation after that. 
When things seem dark or confusing, even impossible, some may become fired with the zeal of intrepidity, determined to get past the impasse in any way they can divine, as a general commanding troops in a crisis. This may have partly good results, while other results may be unhelpful. 
Song of the day:  Loved by You  by Paul Beloche
At worst, you might feel you are plunged in darkness, unsure where you are going or how to put one foot ahead of the other. Realizing that this is a temporary crisis can keep you sane and hopeful. Monday should be more optimistic and practical for moving beyond any impasse.
Meanwhile you can find happiness in rosy hopes for the future, confirmed by signs and signals, which are not false even if that happy future is temporarily obscured .
{Sunday} ~Intrepidity~
Cosmic Piper

Forecast: Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 September 2014

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Tuesday 2 September 2014
Sun in Virgo; Moon in Sagittarius; Foci in 4, Home or Foundation and 9, Travel or Comprehension
Moon on course   ****
^More Than What We Have Been^
We are laying in the foundations of the next week, even the next eleven days through September 13. Then on the 14th the next Dark Hermetic Epoch begins. This of course is nothing to be scared of, but it is good to settle or finalize major plans before then as much as possible. 
If, on Tuesday, people get angry or even threaten violence—more likely in a subtle way of indicating angry displeasure—it is because they have a strong will and feel it must be satisfied instantly. This is exciting and colorful. “I am I, and must get what I want.” It makes life interesting. This is needed because otherwise there can be a lot of plodding, in the “back to work” mode. Of course that is good, because it shows steady industry. That of course we need, though it can be made more interesting. 
If you feel that some efforts are premature, that is all right because you can get them in shape over the next eleven days. There are subtle, fairy-like elements drifting about in the atmosphere, and in yourself, which insist that you become something more refined, subtle, and spiritual than you have been in the past. People are ready to become more than themselves, if they are not too impatient about it and listen for the inner voice and impulse.
Song of the day:  Traum by CRO
It’s in German, but you will love it (both music and video). 
{Tuesday} ^More Than What We Have Been^
Cosmic Piper
Wednesday 3 September 2014
Sun in Virgo; Moon in Sagittarius—>Capricorn; Foci in 4, Foundation or Home and 9, Comprehension or Travel *****
/moon goes void-of-course at 11:07a PT | 2:07p ET | 6:07p UT   ****
until it enters Capricorn at 3:16p PT | 6:16p ET | 10:16p UT   *****
\Deeper Comradeship/
This is a first: I have never before given a time-period five stars (the maximum). Of course there are always some difficult aspects we can blame for troubles, so the five-star rating is rather risky. I did, however, want to alert you to a possibly very satisfying day.
Necessary work is, of course, necessary work, and you are likely to feel dedicated to yours, with a sense of its importance, as if people were listening to you and noticing what you say or do as if it had special power to enlist them in something significant. Your leadership is not arrogant or artificial but natural and deserved. Likewise, you recognize solid leadership in someone whose feet are on the ground even if his or her head is in ideals. 
There could be comradeship and partnership of a remarkable sort. Hands are clasped in solid friendship, even perhaps deeper love. We sustain one another through unwavering good will. 
At a more sensuous level, there can be sharing which borders on the animalistic, or perhaps just the munificent in eating, drinking, and other pleasures. The square between Mars and Venus is relaxing as well as that between Saturn and Venus, though they are still present to give ballast to interpersonal relations. That is, the weightiness of deep concern is added to the frivolity of shared pleasure. Some may be entangled in attractions which are questionable, yet even then the thrill of them holds strong interest.
Song of the day: Who I am with You by Chris Young
This may seem superficial, but it’s direct and sincere.
A location which has antique, sacred or sublime associations could be prominent. You feel an appeal from above which pulls you and others together in a desire to work within community, and expanded community, for the good of humanity. 
{Wednesday} /Deeper Comradeship\
Cosmic Piper

Forecast: Tuesday through Saturday August 26-30, 2014

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Tuesday 26 through Saturday 30 August 2014
}Heritage Manifesting Gradually{
I am recovering from my vacation, catching up with missing or failed technology (e.g. a new computer which does not work with my old printer, etc.)  and do not have time for a full forecast involving the daily lunar data.
These five days include the peak of Venus’s square with Mars on Tuesday-Wednesday as well as her square with Saturn exact on Tuesday but continuing through the period. This is not an easy aspect, especially for love, friendship and human relations. People find it hard to trust each other. There is a sense of rejection, of being rejected or rejecting or both. This can be extremely painful.
There are questions of practicality, of what is practical. You may feel you have been devoting too much time to something airy and insubstantial, digging in the wind rather than in the earth. Obviously crops cannot grow in the air, so you look for more reliable footing, a place to plant seeds for the future. 
You sense that something about you is appreciated by many, even by the public at large, if you can develop it in an appropriate manner. You want to be essential, a blessing to all. Someone else, or several, who have earned public approval in their own spheres inspire you to do the same.
A church or spiritual group may get your attention more than usual. You don’t mind being reclusive or secluded if while being so you gain approval from the Highest or from those in ecclesiastical, hierarchical or spiritually essential positions. This you can do even if outwardly faced with what looks like devastation or disaster. You can work for the greater good, no matter what your immediate lot or tangible future appears to be. Individuals also who face devastation or death may come into your orbit and you can shelter them even if some aspects of them seem worthless. They have tried, and you try, and you can work on in hope, with them or without them. 
Some develop through their spiritual aspirations and attempts an unhealthy sense of superiority to others. Then, of course, they need to go deeper and find common humanity with all. The Sabian symbol involved is “A Jewish rabbi” and it represents a living heritage of deep teaching with which you are in contact and which can be a blessing to you and everyone. 
When one day or cycle ends, another begins, and this is rejuvenating. You are at such a point. Unexpected resources lie at hand and you may be happily surprised by them when they turn up. Nature blesses you, and you find the better when the worse has threatened. So the process of personal evolution goes on with fresh benedictions on our attempts to live intelligent, worthy lives. Then love, which may seem missing  now, can spring up afresh in ways we could not have imagined. 
{Tuesday through Saturday} {Heritage Manifesting Gradually}
Cosmic Piper

Forecast: Thursday 21 through Monday 25 August 2014

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Thursday 21 through Monday 25 August 2014
We are finding our way to a slightly different approach for the daily forecasts. First, the lunar data for each day; then an essay-forecast on the trends during the period. Usually it will be four or five days, sometimes more, up to 15 days as maximum. I may add quick comments on some or most days after listing the lunar data.
Thursday 21 August 2014
Sun in Leo; Moon in Cancer; Foci in 11, Friendship and Hopes and 2, Allies and Possessions   **
/moon goes void-of-course at 12:35p PT | 3:35p ET | 7:35p UT   *
Difficulties galore for most of us especially later in the day. You may feel failure and degradation, perhaps because of misjudgment. When you choose one option, the door closes on another which might have been better. There is uncertainty, jealousy, even helplessness, but a scuffle brings out your manliness or womanliness, your temerity. A friend is not what you wish but that does not end the friendship.
Friday 22 August 2014
Sun in Leo; Moon in Cancer—>Leo; Foci in 12, Confinement or Research and 1, Self or Focus
Sun enters Virgo at 9:47p PT
/moon void-of-course   *
until it enters Leo at 1:50p PT | 4:50p ET | 8:50p UT   **
Things proceed quickly, as if in play. Old abnormal behaviors in people repeat themselves. But you could be overshadowed by someone or something Higher if you are open to that, and then there could be smoother sailing. Impressions and assumptions do not have to be worrisome if you refuse to let them make you totally uneasy. You can adorn yourself in the best invisible clothing.
Saturday 23 August 2014
Sun enters Virgo at 0:47a ET | 4:47a UT; Moon in Leo; Foci in 12, Research or Confinement and 1, Focus or Self
Moon on course   *
You may feel inadequate and abashed. There could be tears. Then there could be illumination which shows that the Father of all remains with you, loving and upholding. Undercurrents of loss make you feel that your life has shrunk somehow, yet this disillusionment can be a depletion of what you do not need, and so make you freer and grant you seer-like insight into better paths.
Sunday 24 August 2014
Sun in Virgo; Moon in Leo—>Virgo; Foci in 12, Confinement or Research and 1, Self or Focus   *
/moon goes void-of-course at 1:27a PT | 4:27a ET | 8:27a UT   *
It is hard to give more than one * during this period. There is excitement, possibly revolt. Devilishness tempts you. Sexual perversion could end in suffering. Some will be arrested for misdemeanors or worse. If you get and accept Orders from above you will be safe. There is discouragement and loneliness, and resulting vacillation. Obstacles are merely a signal that your plans and objectives are incomplete. What privileges are you overlooking? You have a right to turn away from anything which makes too much mischief.
Monday 25 August 2014
Sun in Virgo; Moon in Virgo; Foci in 1, Self or Focus and 12, Confinement or Research
New Moon of Virgo at 7:14a PT | 10:14a ET | 2:14p UT
/moon void-of-course   * 
until it enters Virgo at 2:34a PT | 5:34a ET | 9:34a UT   **
Stubbornness can amount to stupidity, in fact is the only real stupidity. It tries to vampirize others by refusing to adjust to their reality. When insulated from others you may feel despair. Then is the time to intuit what your High Self wants you to feel or do. Better things could be coming. You get news. You can be in a right place where your response to life is vital. Plans can be modified wisely. There is even some amusement, a gift of internal liberation.  
Thursday 21 through Monday 25 August 2014
^Pride and Self-Display with Intense Defensiveness^
1 We need to be careful. Venus is squaring both Mars and Saturn while the latter two are conjoined in Scorpio. This is not pleasant. At worst this can be pestilent, violent behavior. People feel defensive and could, as a supposed remedy for that, become offensive. The question is how far humanity can transcend these indications. At worst, the situation could become harsh or violent in war-torn regions. On a personal level, it can be harshness or apparent coldness in love-relations. “Nobody loves me” is the quickest and clearest definition of how people feel while Venus squares Saturn, as she is doing from Monday August 18 through September 3. This is modified by one’s individual situation; if one is in a happy marriage, it just means that you and your mate will be a little at arm’s length for a while, or “need your space” apart from each other more than usual. That is not bad, but a vacation from too much closeness. People need space in which to be different from each other. 
2 The defensiveness can become even a magical ability to push people away or get them out of your life if they have been too annoying or diverting. Of course this could go too far; but if used to prevent anyone from imposing too much on you it might be beneficent. Your will-power will not let anyone make a fool of you.
3 There is pride, and a desire to display your excellent qualities, your body or charm, your wealth or whatever makes you proud of yourself. (Venus and Jupiter remain in Leo while the former trines Uranus in Aries.) It is not necessary to be snobby if one has good taste, but one can glory in what one has attained and what one can display to the world for it to enjoy as well. This could be done in places brimming over with luxuriousness. 
4 A more difficult side of things involves the squares already mentioned as well as the quincunx between Mars-Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. This could be a collapse of things you had relied upon. I am not wanting to frighten you; more likely it will be a questioning of some things you have been trying to do, with a realization that you need to change your approach to them so they do not become a false trail sapping your life-energy. Such a turning point is not harmful, but progressive.
5 Deft employment of arts and crafts is culturally and personally salutary. Something you do qualifies in this sphere, even if not conventionally named as a particular art or craft. ”Make your own kind of music” remains good advice ever since the Mamas and the Papas popularized it (and before that). This requires effort (the Leo-Scorpio squares involving Mars, Saturn and Venus), but the results make unusual effort ultimately pleasurable. 
6 People do not want to be alone, even during the intensity of Venus square Saturn, which can make one feel one would like to retreat to a cave away from the gaze of the public (even friends or relatives). The desire to display one’s body, personality or charm (paragraph 3) remains intense, with an accompanying desire to see or appreciate others’ bodies and personalities. This is the exhilaration of human togetherness, even when no strong intimacy springs up (because of the Venus-square-Saturn tendency to be shy, reticent or sensitive to apparent rejection). People cagily appreciate one another while cagily avoiding anything which could make them feel they are not appreciated as they wish to be. 
{Thursday through Monday, August 21-25} ^Pride and Self-Display with Intense Defensiveness^
 Cosmic Piper

Forecast: Sunday 17 through Wednesday 20 August 2014

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Sunday 17 August through Wednesday 20 August 2014
As always, I am finding the lunar indications such as void-of-course and |difficult third| crucial each day. As I write on Sunday August 16 during a |difficult third| I find people around me mostly depressed or feeling challenged. But on my vacation I found it hard to find time to list this data as usual. This is the next-to-last day of the vacation and I present the daily data first, below, and then the written forecast covering the four days. 
Sunday 17 August 2014
Sun in Leo; Moon in Taurus—>Gemini; Foci in 10, Career or Honor and 3, Neighbors and Communication  **
/moon goes void-of-course at 5:27a PT | 8:27a ET | 12:27p UT   **
until it enters Gemini at 3:42p PT | 6:42p ET | 10:42p UT   ***
|Karmically difficult or sobering third| of this week continues all day
Monday 18 August 2014
Sun in Leo; Moon in Gemini; Foci in 10, Honor or Career and 3, Communication and Neighbors
Moon on course   ****
Tuesday 19 August 2014
/moon goes void-of-course at 7:55p PT | 10:55p ET | 2:55a(W) UT   ***
Wednesday 20 August 2014
/moon void-of-course   **
until it enters Cancer at 1:46a PT | 4:46a ET | 8:46a UT   ***
}Past Pernicious Collapse Toward Shared Exhilaration{
The negative indications have to be taken with a grain of salt—“Have salt in yourselves,” said Jesus, meaning perhaps that we have to season life with something from deep within to make it palatable. During these four days we may encounter individuals who seem pernicious or pestilent—and need to find ways to face such challenges to our poise without exploding in rage or internal angst. We do not want to be imposed upon and feel defensive of our internal security. This we can do through positive character and strong will. There is magic of a positive, not hurtful, nature in the determiantion to find the best in everyone and every situation. This does far more to eliminate trouble than a direct attack on it, which leads to backlash usually.
When some plans have collapsed, one has to carry on. This could be a turning point when one looks back on recent activities realizing that some of them have been excursions along false trails. When projects fall through, either one has to try again with an improved method, or choose a different project more suited to one’s qualifications. 
More happily, there are times of beauty and glory, when one feels confident in displaying one’s success to the world. One can enjoy tasteful luxury, somewhat ostentatiously. There is leisure, accompanied by a bit of snobbishness perhaps. Yet this is basic good fortune on the material level. 
What is the art, craft, or skill you know to be specially yours? It is in high evidence, if you feel enthusiastic enough about it to keep expressing it through whatever materials you have at hand. You participate in life by giving it form through your ability. 
This can open a world of human relationships on a basic level of shared bodily togetherness. People are either attractive or interesting or both. They need to see or experience one another, to rest on the basic human fellowship which keeps us going. The symbol given by Wheeler and Jones is “A crowd upon the beach,” signifying the exhilaration we feel when knowing we are as good or as fascinating as anyone else in the shared company of humanity.
{Sunday through Wednesday} {Past Pernicious Collapse Toward Shared Exhilaration}
Cosmic Piper

Forecast: Tuesday 12 through Saturday 16 August 2014

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Tuesday 12 through Saturday 16 August 2014
We continue with the vacation mode: Forecasts covering more than one day. I wanted to post the daily lunar data (void-of-course, |difficult third of week|, etc.) but had special problems with that while on vacation, including the absence of a computer to use. Whether I will post those data separately after I post the written forecast is a question.
^The Inept Overcome by the Sublime^
1 Within these five days, there is much entertainment, either of an exalted or amateurish, refined or silly nature. It is possible to look for the highest and best in less-than-perfect music, dancing and entertaining. 
2 More than that, there are remarkably uplifting energies and synchronicities. I quote from the seer Charubel (John Thomas) concerning the degree of Leo occupied by Jupiter: “This degree is impinged by a degree from a a transcendental sun … Denotes the greater good; the sublime; gives prophetic inspirations; rules the wonderful; and fills the soul with a flood of celestial glory.” Why not tune in to this?
3 A negative or distressing side of things has to do with instability, foolishness, and wavering. Literally the degree concerned has to do with spilling a liquid. “How shall he act who does not know what he desires?” asks Sepharial. There can be faulty judgment or indecision. Yet it is possible to recover from this. One needs perhaps a degree of freedom to be foolish, as long as this is not disastrous.
4 The glories of paragraph 2 remain, and can save every situation through one’s native superiority to it in each case. Sepharial suggests “power, eminence, fame,” plus “courage, nobility, energy, and endurance.” The symbol given by Segnior Borelli is “A sceptre, on the crest of which shines a diamond like a magnificent star.” 
5 Elsie Wheeler gives “The constellations in the sky,” indicating surety based on questing through time and space, finding assurance not just in the sky but in one’s understanding and ordering of oneself. This can be happening even if the difficulties of paragraph 3 remain as deviations to correct again and again. 
6 “The gate to the garden of desire” is given by Wheeler and Jones as the symbol for the currently crucial focal point of the lunar zodiac. One suggestion is that “the gate” is not the garden itself, and so one may find oneself at that entrance but still have to pass through it. Some may feel, however, that they have in fact been set gloriously in a situation which embodies everything they have ever desired. When the heart overflows, we can only give thanks in a superlative degree.
{Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday} ^The Inept Overcome by The Sublime^  
Cosmic Piper

Forecast: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, August 4, 5, 6, 2014

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Monday 4 August 2014
Sun in Leo; Moon in Scorpio; Foci in 4, Home or Foundation and 9, Travel or Comprehension   **
/moon goes void-of-course at 10:44a PT | 1:44p ET | 5:44p for the rest of the day   **
Song of the day:  Changes by the Zombies
Tuesday 5 August 2014
Sun in Leo; Moon in Scorpio—>Sagittarius; Foci in 4, Foundation or Home and 9, Comprehension or Travel
/moon void-of-course   **
until it enters Sagittarius at 3:20a PT | 6:20a ET | 10:20a UT   ***
Song of the day:  Under Attack by Abba
Wednesday 6 August 2014
Sun in Leo; Moon in Sagittarius; Foci in 5, Pleasure and Offspring and 8, Regeneration and Others’ Money    ***
/moon goes void-of-course at 7:53a PT | 10:53a ET | 2:53p UT   **
for the rest of the day
Song of the day: Sur ma Route by Black M
As usual, the void-of-course times (Monday and Wednesday) can bring peculiar, unusual, or confusing incidents. It is sometimes harder to focus on ordinary business, so one veers off into the improbable or spontaneous. That is all right if there are no pressing responsibilities, but the latter ought to be taken care of minimally at least. Solid agreements or purchases could go awry so it is all right to hesitate in such cases. I note that these times are good for bottom-most routine necessities such as laundry and clean-up.
Forecast for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 4, 5, 6, 2014:
^Seizing the Moment Advantageously^
There can be amusment, with singing and dancing. It does not matter how amateurish or inconsequential this seems; it is pleasure as part of what the cosmos gives us gladly. The heat of the summer or other intensities may be challenging. You need not lose your bearings; staying close to headquarters can help. 
There can be wonderful self-fulfillment, the prospect of a realization of your fondest dreams. Satisfying experiences are opening up as into a magic garden. Sometimes it may seem that this is dangerous or at the edge of  precipice. Then you can avert the crisis skilfully and get back to the path of your fondest prospects.
Indecision and wavering judgment could make you look silly in some eyes. You might seem weak and disorderly, or someone in your life could appear so. This could just be a harmless phase. There is subtlety, caution and cunning, however, which can save the day. You enjoy competition and seizing personal advantages in a style which seems magical. So you could surprise or amaze someone and get what you want. 
{Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday}  ^Seizing the Moment Advantageously^
Cosmic Piper


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Cosmic Connexion turned 4 today! Thanks to the Tumblr team for sending this birthday greeting. 
Cosmic Piper

Cosmic Connexion turned 4 today! Thanks to the Tumblr team for sending this birthday greeting. 


Cosmic Piper